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Matchmakerrrrr + No stamp?

[The Basics:]
[Name:] Arei
[Age:] 18
[Gender:] Female
[Gender of your partner:] Preferably Male XD
[Link to your regular stamp:]
[Links to four open applications you have voted on:]

[Favourite Character:] I want to say Mia Fey... but I really love Jake Marshall too XD
[Favourite Case:] Umm... It's a toss up between 2-4 and 1-5.
[What Role would you play?] In the AA verse: Detective. Relation ship wise I'd like it to be equal.
[Likes:] Romance related: Sweet, Funny, Polite (a real gentleman for the most part XD), Helpful, Active, and loving to go to baseball games would be a plus XD
[Dislikes:] A**holes, self-centered jerkwads, manipulators, vulgarity, people who are way too easily aggravated
[Hobbies/Interests:] Anime/Manga, Cactus, Video games, Drawing/Painting, Photography, Gardening, Sports, Cosplay, Hiking, Biking, lots of things XD
[Strengths:] I'm a very determined person who isn't going to be pushed over or left out. I'm very loyal to my friends and won't let anyone get smacked around. I also try to do whatever I can to help out someone in need.
[Weaknesses:] I tend to hold grudges very easy (I'm really working on getting rid of that X_X) which causes me to be resentful and hateful. I can easily be pushed over the emotional edge, also very hot tempered and can get snappy if aggravated too much. I really can't stand anything but FRIENDLY teasing.
[Outgoing or Shy:] Shy at first, super outgoing later XD
[Dominant or Submissive:] It's a bit both. I'm not going to get pushed around or pushed over, but I'm not going to try to dominate EVERYTHING.

[Most important thing about them in a relationship:] I'd really like someone who is supportive and pushes me when I need it, and is willing to comfort me when I'm down. That's what I really want more then anything is someone to love and be loved by, I'd like them to be a strong foundation for me as I would be for them.
[What role would they play?] Most likely a prosecutor or another detective XD and in the relationship I'd like to have the roles about equal. Take not Give doesn't work for me.
[Outgoing or Shy:] Either or, too outgoing tends to be really annoying.
[Dominant or Submissive:] I want someone who will take charge but is not going to try to take me over completely. That will not work.

[The both of you:]
[What would you relationship be like?] Probably appear really friendly and lovey dovey to most people XDD Not overbearing, but just enjoying and treasuring the time we have together. We'd go out and stay in and make good memories either way.
[If you were conficted of a crime, how would your partner react?] They'd probably be pissed XD
[If your partner was convicted of a crime, how would yo react?] I would be upset or pissed, or both, depending on what was going on.
[Who would defend them?] I would hope Phoenix would XD

[Anything else?]
Naw... Not really XD

Also also also, I was stamped waaay back in '07, and I noticed I never got a stamp or are listed up in the stamp section (If I am the only Neil Marshall it's not that surprising XD)
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