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Mirror theme

Please give reasons for your vote, bandwagoning is just tedious. ♥

Mirror Application

Link to regular application: http://community.livejournal.com/gyakusai_rating/96497.html

Links to the three applications you have voted on (if there isn’t three then vote later) N/A I vote on all the applications, because that is my job.

Any gender preference? A vote for both male and female please.

Description of your style ... My style is a bit strange, I like floaty skirts in summer with cool tops or corsets, I have many long, fancy coats, scarfs, thigh high boots, army clothes, army boots (regulation), lots and lots of matching underwear, high heels, riding jumpers, strappy tops and clip on earrings. (I feel no need to get my ears pierced)

Pictures! ♥

Yes that is me being a menace to society.

I am quite obviously on the left.

I apologise for the picture overload.
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