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Matchmaking theme!

[The Basics:]
[Name:] Annette
[Age:] Twenty
[Gender:] Female
[Gender of your partner:] Male, please!
[Link to your regular stamp:] http://community.livejournal.com/gyakusai_rating/167788.html
[Links to four open applications you have voted on:]
(There's one more app that I haven't voted on, but the pictures aren't showing up right now, so I'll come back for it later~)

[Favourite Character:] Mmm Ron DeLite? :) And Missile!
[Favourite Case:] First - Rise from the Ashes; Second - Farewell, My Turnabout; Third - Bridge to the Turnabout
[What Role would you play?] Either defense attorney or witness~
[Likes:] Cold weather, sweet things, little (good) surprises
[Dislikes:] Summer weather, bugs, flaky people
[Hobbies/Interests:] Taking pictures, music, doodling
[Strengths:] Imaginative, cheerful, caring, understanding
[Weaknesses:] Naive, shy, pushover, sensitive
[Outgoing or Shy:] Shy
[Dominant or Submissive:] Probably submissive

[Most important thing about them in a relationship:] Genuineness
[What role would they play?] Mmm probably a defense attorney?
[Outgoing or Shy:] Either is okay, as long as he's not shyer than me
[Dominant or Submissive:] Dominant

[The both of you:]
[What would you relationship be like?] A healthy cross between really good friends and a romantic couple... But that's asking for a lot, LOL
[If you were convicted of a crime, how would your partner react?] Assuming that I really didn't do the crime, hopefully he will give me the benefit of the doubt and help me prove my innocence
[If your partner was convicted of a crime, how would you react?] Same. Assuming he didn't really commit a crime.
[Who would defend them?] I would or I would find the best lawyer out there, so as long as he's innocent. But if evidence shows that he did commit a crime, then... Well, I guess it's one of those things where you're not sure what you would do until it actually happens LOL ;;;;;

[Anything else?] Thanks for your time~
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